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The People’s Bank of China plans to issue the 2021-2032 Chinese Lunar Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins in the following years. We are now inviting institutions and artists worldwide to submit designs for the coins.

I. Design Guidelines

Your submissions must be emblematic of the Chinese zodiac animals through innovative and artistic designs.

1. The 2021-2032 Chinese Lunar Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins will share a common obverse design. The obverse design shall feature the title of PRC and the year date, and be drawn in single color. The coin designs you submit can be round, fan-shaped, rectangular, or plum blossom-shaped.

2. Reverse designs should depict the 12 Chinese zodiac animals for each year, from the 2021 Chinese Xin Chou Year (Year of the Ox) to the 2032 Chinese Ren Zi Year (Year of the Rat). The coin designs you submit can be round, fan-shaped, rectangular, or plum blossom-shaped. Both single-color and multiple-color designs are acceptable for the reverse. You can design for one or more animals according to your own preferences. A full set of 12 designs is not a must.

II. Eligibility and Dates

Who may submit: all interested institutions and individual artists.

Applications open: June 18, 2019

Applications deadline: August 13, 2019

III. Terms and Conditions

1. Originality and Third-Party Rights

The submissions should be the applicant’s original works and mainly hand-drawing. The applicant is responsible for any dispute involving intellectual property rights.

With each design, the applicant must ensure the complete and exclusive ownership of the copyright, and warrant that the design has never been published before. Without permission, the applicant shall not use or exploit the designs in any form, or authorize any third party to do so.

Once chosen, the designs must be assigned to China Gold Coin Incorporation and will become its sole and exclusive property. China Gold Coin Incorporation holds the right to use winning designs in relevant publicity and promotion activities.

2. Confidentiality

Before the People’s Bank of China unveils the winning designs, applicants must keep confidentiality of the designs. The designs shall not be disclosed from the beginning of their creation till the issuing announcement of the coins made by the People's Bank of China. Within this confidentiality period, China Gold Coin Incorporation reserves the right to disqualify the applicants and their submissions related to confidentiality issues.

IV. Submission Requirements

1. The following materials are required in submissions:

a) Entry form;

b) Design draft (follow the design format);

c) Letter of commitment;

d) Institutional applicants shall submit copies of their proof of eligibility; while individual applicants shall submit copies of their proof of identity.

The entry form, design format and letter of commitment can be downloaded from Applicants who fail to submit with the materials above will be disqualified.

2. Draft format:

a) Use A4 paper;

b) Brief introduction of the design ideas;

c) The applicant’s name or information shall not appear on the draft.

3. All submissions shall be timely. Those submissions exceeding the deadline will not be accepted.

4. Please submit the materials to

V. Evaluation Criteria

1. The Design and Sample Coin Judging Committee for the Chinese Precious Metal Commemorative Coins and invited experts will evaluate the submitted designs and select the winning design. The result will be approved by the People’s Bank of China.

2. The winner shall alter his/her design according to the committee’s requirements. If the winner is not willing or fails to alter the design, other designers who finally complete the alteration will share the winner’s eligibility and remuneration.

3. China Gold Coin Incorporation will inform the winners as soon as the evaluation result comes out.

4. After the winning designs are finalized, the winners list will be released at

5. China Gold Coin Incorporation will pay RMB 10,000 (after tax) for each winning design draft.

For more information, you may refer to If you have any questions, please contact us at



  China Gold Coin Incorporation

  June 18, 2019

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